Things to do in Google Play

The internet giant Google has re-launched their counterpart to Apples successful AppStore. They reintroduced their flagging products, Android Market and Google Music and merge them¬† as Google Play. Google Play is the answer to Apples’ well established AppStore which service the ever increasing Apple community in everything they ever need with their Apple products like the Macbook, IPad, IPhone and IPod.

Google Play is a digital content website where application, music, e-book and movies is posted and sold to the users of android operating system. Desktop and laptop users can also purchase download or stream music and movies to their system via the Google websites. When you visit the Google Play site, you will be see a myriad of application which are ranked with the highest number of download placed on the top slot. You can also move around Google Play by categories and the lists of categories are divided as either a Game list or an application list. Whatever you want to have in your Android system,  chances are you can find it listed in Google Play.

Though the number of Android phone user is quite low compared with Apple users, it is continuously increasing as android phone is starting to gain momentum and the mobile market.