Google Drive Replace Google Apps

May 4, 2012 by admin

As of April 2012 Google Apps was being groomed for a change in name, from Google Apps to Google Drive. They have made many changes in how Google Apps work in their new innovation in Google Drive. With Google drive, searching items, documents and information is quite easy because they allow searches by file type just like the Microsoft Windows Explorer. Google also allow any file type to be open directly at the browser without downloading it and even if you don’t have the necessary application installed in your computer, Google drive will allow you to open it directly on the browser.

Just like Google docs, you can share the file and documents real time anytime and anywhere even if the users are working remotely or away from the office as long as there is internet connection. Aside from office documents, you can now upload and share up to 50 file type ranging from image files like Adobe Photoshop and illustrator to .pdf files and even application that you want to share to your team. The best thing about cloud base application compared to locally installed application is that your sure that your files are stored in a reliable server and Google push it even further because you can revert back to any version of your file. It keep copies of your file as far back as 1 month automatically.

Hacking Threats Increases

May 24, 2011 by admin

Though the internet has given us a lot of opportunity to increase our productivity and lessen our workload, it also increases the risk of data loss and pilferage because of hacking website destruction due to cyber-crime and data theft. Hacker. The mischievous individual or group that is responsible in a series data theft and destruction of government and large companies’ websites is increasingly becoming bolder in their exploits and destructive capabilities.

They continuously exploit the security lapses of their target and victims, and siphoned out anything that has some value. Most of these resources and information has been transferred and sold in the black market and those that bought the information are the target competitors (and countries) who want those stolen technology and information. Some information is also being used to blackmail an individual in doing things like coercing money and other devious deeds. Women are susceptible to blackmail especially if the hacker lives near their area. The hackers can get some illicit information from these women and force them to sexual, if not,  the hackers would expose this information to the public. With this act and the increasing power that hackers are able to obtain, they are now considered a major threat to the security of every individual who are accessing the internet.

Google Apps: Evolution of Office Suites

March 29, 2011 by admin

One of the most widely used cloud computing software known as  “Google Apps” has gain tremendous following because of the close resemblance to the well-used office software like Microsoft Office Suite and the open sourced application “Open office”. Their widely used Gmail mail system spearheaded the Google Apps and created an application that rivals the software based mail application like Outlook and outlook express. And as Google acquired Writely, and other companies that created software for office application, they were able to create a web based application that can rival office suites like Microsoft Office and Open Office Suites. As the number of users’ increases, Google Docs was merged with its Gmail application services and created Google Apps on February 2007. This increases the effectiveness of all its apps and serves as an all in one cloud computing business tools.

Emails and files sent with attachment can be stored on Google servers with no cost at all if the total amount of storage is less than 10 GB. Because of this free access to the first 10GB email and file storage on Google servers, it pushes its popularity to individual users and small businesses that want to store and share their data with remote users or allows them to download the files and data in any computer, laptops, tablets and even smartphone as long as it has internet connection and application that can read the file format that is compatible with Google docs document. If no application installed in the user’s computer that can read the file, you can still open and read it using the Google apps sites.

VMWare desktop machine virtualization

March 9, 2011 by admin

Virtualization and cloud computing has gone a long way in giving us easy access to our work desktop and company network resources. Virtualization allows us to open multiple virtual machines in single desktop machine and can connect each of these virtual machines and the real desktop into a simple networking environment. These setup can save a company millions of dollars, because instead of building and providing desktop or laptop computers to each of their employee, they can just build a super computer that are able to house the software used in virtualization and run multiple virtual machine that their employee can have access to remotely use the employees’ own computer.  When working, the employees just need to remotely access their virtual machine just like how they remotely access an ordinary desktop machine. After which, they can gain access to the company network and resources and work on their virtual machine like they were in the office. This setup can decrease the cost of implementing  a business operation and allow employees freedom from confinement to their office environment and let them do their work in the comfort of their own home with their family , on  a café with their friends and even on a beach basking on the warmth if the sun. VMWare Inc. is the forerunner on desktop virtualization and Cloud computing. By acquiring their service, a company don’t need to purchase those powerful machine and can lease a virtual desktop machine from VMWare and give them to their individual mobile employee.

What is Google Adsense?

February 25, 2011 by admin

To promote monetary assistance to web master and website creator, Google introduce AdSense. AdSense is where Google placed advertisement on your website and if ever people click on the link from your site, Google will provide you a percentage of the income generated for that advertisement.  Even though the payment is quite small, as it accumulate for a month or a year, it can generate into thousands of dollars if the website is properly arrange to capture the traffic and redirect them to be able to click the advertising that Google has placed on your site.Google is doing a great way to place advertisement that is relevant to the content of your site. This can avoid issues where a competitor product might be inadvertently be placed on your website.

Not all sites are allowed in the AdSense program. The content of your site must be up to date and meaningful to fully capture the necessary traffic. Your site content must be narrowed down to a minimum topic range so that Google can place relevant advertisement. The broader and wide range you content topic is the less likely Google will accept you on the AdSense program. So proper planning is needed if you want to place some Google advertisement to your website to earn extra passive income for you.