Google Apps: Evolution of Office Suites

One of the most widely used cloud computing software known as  “Google Apps” has gain tremendous following because of the close resemblance to the well-used office software like Microsoft Office Suite and the open sourced application “Open office”. Their widely used Gmail mail system spearheaded the Google Apps and created an application that rivals the software based mail application like Outlook and outlook express. And as Google acquired Writely, and other companies that created software for office application, they were able to create a web based application that can rival office suites like Microsoft Office and Open Office Suites. As the number of users’ increases, Google Docs was merged with its Gmail application services and created Google Apps on February 2007. This increases the effectiveness of all its apps and serves as an all in one cloud computing business tools.

Emails and files sent with attachment can be stored on Google servers with no cost at all if the total amount of storage is less than 10 GB. Because of this free access to the first 10GB email and file storage on Google servers, it pushes its popularity to individual users and small businesses that want to store and share their data with remote users or allows them to download the files and data in any computer, laptops, tablets and even smartphone as long as it has internet connection and application that can read the file format that is compatible with Google docs document. If no application installed in the user’s computer that can read the file, you can still open and read it using the Google apps sites.

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