Google Drive Replace Google Apps

As of April 2012 Google Apps was being groomed for a change in name, from Google Apps to Google Drive. They have made many changes in how Google Apps work in their new innovation in Google Drive. With Google drive, searching items, documents and information is quite easy because they allow searches by file type just like the Microsoft Windows Explorer. Google also allow any file type to be open directly at the browser without downloading it and even if you don’t have the necessary application installed in your computer, Google drive will allow you to open it directly on the browser.

Just like Google docs, you can share the file and documents real time anytime and anywhere even if the users are working remotely or away from the office as long as there is internet connection. Aside from office documents, you can now upload and share up to 50 file type ranging from image files like Adobe Photoshop and illustrator to .pdf files and even application that you want to share to your team. The best thing about cloud base application compared to locally installed application is that your sure that your files are stored in a reliable server and Google push it even further because you can revert back to any version of your file. It keep copies of your file as far back as 1 month automatically.

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