VMWare desktop machine virtualization

Virtualization and cloud computing has gone a long way in giving us easy access to our work desktop and company network resources. Virtualization allows us to open multiple virtual machines in single desktop machine and can connect each of these virtual machines and the real desktop into a simple networking environment. These setup can save a company millions of dollars, because instead of building and providing desktop or laptop computers to each of their employee, they can just build a super computer that are able to house the software used in virtualization and run multiple virtual machine that their employee can have access to remotely use the employees’ own computer.  When working, the employees just need to remotely access their virtual machine just like how they remotely access an ordinary desktop machine. After which, they can gain access to the company network and resources and work on their virtual machine like they were in the office. This setup can decrease the cost of implementing  a business operation and allow employees freedom from confinement to their office environment and let them do their work in the comfort of their own home with their family , on  a café with their friends and even on a beach basking on the warmth if the sun. VMWare Inc. is the forerunner on desktop virtualization and Cloud computing. By acquiring their service, a company don’t need to purchase those powerful machine and can lease a virtual desktop machine from VMWare and give them to their individual mobile employee.

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