What is Google Adsense?

To promote monetary assistance to web master and website creator, Google introduce AdSense. AdSense is where Google placed advertisement on your website and if ever people click on the link from your site, Google will provide you a percentage of the income generated for that advertisement.  Even though the payment is quite small, as it accumulate for a month or a year, it can generate into thousands of dollars if the website is properly arrange to capture the traffic and redirect them to be able to click the advertising that Google has placed on your site.Google is doing a great way to place advertisement that is relevant to the content of your site. This can avoid issues where a competitor product might be inadvertently be placed on your website.

Not all sites are allowed in the AdSense program. The content of your site must be up to date and meaningful to fully capture the necessary traffic. Your site content must be narrowed down to a minimum topic range so that Google can place relevant advertisement. The broader and wide range you content topic is the less likely Google will accept you on the AdSense program. So proper planning is needed if you want to place some Google advertisement to your website to earn extra passive income for you.

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