Hacking Threats Increases

Though the internet has given us a lot of opportunity to increase our productivity and lessen our workload, it also increases the risk of data loss and pilferage because of hacking website destruction due to cyber-crime and data theft. Hacker. The mischievous individual or group that is responsible in a series data theft and destruction of government and large companies’ websites is increasingly becoming bolder in their exploits and destructive capabilities.

They continuously exploit the security lapses of their target and victims, and siphoned out anything that has some value. Most of these resources and information has been transferred and sold in the black market and those that bought the information are the target competitors (and countries) who want those stolen technology and information. Some information is also being used to blackmail an individual in doing things like coercing money and other devious deeds. Women are susceptible to blackmail especially if the hacker lives near their area. The hackers can get some illicit information from these women and force them to sexual, if not,  the hackers would expose this information to the public. With this act and the increasing power that hackers are able to obtain, they are now considered a major threat to the security of every individual who are accessing the internet.

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